We have the experience and expertise to help you when a concern or dispute arises (within or outside a family) because:

In the case of a Will

You have been left out of the Will/not properly provided for, the Will is defective or the Deceased Testator lacked the necessary capacity, was not fully aware or was subjected to undue influence.

In the case of an Inheritance

Whether due to an entitlement under a Will or on an Intestacy a claim by you for reasonable financial provision out of the Deceased’s Estate where there has been no or inadequate financial provision for:

  • A surviving spouse;
  • A dependent child (including an adult);
  • A partner / co-habitee.

In the case of a Settlement Trust / Trust Deed

Where a dispute has arisen between either:

  • The Settlor and the Trustees;
  • The Settlor and the Beneficiaries;
  • The Beneficiaries and the Trustees.
We can provide expertise and a personal service and act for clients who are Claimants or Defendants (whether Executors, Beneficiaries or the Settlor under a Trust).

A free initial consultation is available for this.

Please also see our page on Wills / Probate / Inheritance & Trusts.

Contentious Probate / Trusts Solicitor:


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