It’s been a busy 6 months or so at Downie & Gadban.

Julian De Giovanni joined the firm, then Katie Sweeney and now Emma Evans has joined the Property Development Team as an Associate (ACILEx) from a top 100 law firm.

We have updated our website, stepped into the world of social media by joining the LinkedIn community and we are sponsoring an amazing young man who is bidding to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle.

But whilst making progress and looking to the future we think that it’s worth remembering that we are only standing on the shoulders of others.

People often ask us whether the Downie and Gadban in our name ever existed and whether they are still here.

Alexander Downie and Victor Gadban really did exist although, given that the firm was founded in 1905, they are no longer with us.

Here they are.  We are very grateful to them for starting the journey which we are proud to continue.