Are you thinking of making or disputing a will?

We offer a wide range of legal services and expertise including the preparation of wills, rights of succession, advising on the potential inheritance tax law liability on death, setting up trusts and many other related matters. We act for private individuals and families whose personal and business activities may require careful co-ordination and attention to detail.

Why should you seek advice?

  • If you have still not made a Will or if you wish to change an existing one.
  • You are undecided how to distribute your property or other assets to those whom you wish to benefit.
  • You are unsure about any Inheritance or other taxes payable, and wish to protect your position and reduce these.
  • You want to know about your own or someone else’s Inheritance rights.
  • If you need to obtain a Power of Attorney – we will prepare the necessary documentation and lodge this with the Office of the Public Guardian.
  • There is or may be an Inheritance dispute under a Will or an Intestacy.
We can provide you with guidance and peace of mind by assigning a dedicated and competent Lawyer.

Services provided include:

  • Will drafting
  • Executors
  • Probate
  • Intestacy
  • Estate planning and Administration of Estates
  • General and Lasting Powers of Attorney
    • (a) General or Limited
    • (b) Lasting (Financial or Health & Welfare)
    • (c) Enduring (registration)
    • (d) Court of Protection applications
  • Inheritance tax planning advice
  • Trust drafting and administration
  • Contesting Wills and Probate (where you have been left out of a will, the will is defective, the deceased testator lacked mental capacity or the will made inadequate financial provision for a surviving spouse, partner or dependant child), including pre-action steps e.g. Caveats and Larke-v-Nugus request letters.
Please see our page on Contentious Probate/Trusts where there is a Will or Inheritance dispute and speak to our Contentious Probate Solicitor.

Wills and Probate Department:


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