Every January people throughout the UK make New Year’s resolutions which sometimes will not even last the month, so here are five reasons as to why YOU should make a different resolution this year, a resolution which will be lasting:

1. Without a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), if you lose mental capacity the Court could appoint someone who you do not wish to act on your behalf in relation to your finances and your health and welfare by way of a Deputyship Application.

2. The process of making a Deputyship application is complex and time-consuming, whereas completing an application for an LPA through a Solicitor is simple and you should receive the registered documents from the Office of the Public Guardian within 10-12 weeks of us submitting the LPAs to them.

3. The process of making a Deputyship application can be costly, whereas if you complete LPAs through Downie & Gadban Solicitors, we will provide you with a fixed fee for completing the work including the registering the LPAs with the Office of the Public Guardian, storing the original LPAs and providing a certified copy of each document.

4. LPAs allow YOU to give your attorneys guidance as to how you would like your financial affairs to be managed, your requests in relation to your medical and welfare concerns and also how your attorneys are able to act, therefore ensuring your wishes are reflected.

5. Once an LPA for Property and Financial Affairs is registered it can be used by your attorneys as long as they have your consent. This allows your attorneys to help you with decisions in relation to your property and finances, for example, if you are unable to get out of the house or if you are out of the country for business or pleasure, even if you have not lost capacity.

So, in 2020 why not make a New Year’s resolution which will last and come and book an appointment with Sophie Booker to discuss your Lasting Powers of Attorney.

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