Selling or buying a property can be a stressful process. In most cases people are keen for the transaction to move quickly. Either to avoid losing out on their dream home, minimise the risk of losing their buyer, save their mortgage offer from expiring or simply because they are keen to start their next chapter.


What can cause conveyancing delays?

Unfortunately, there are many aspects involved in moving house that are out of your control which can make it difficult to accurately predict timescales. There are many things that can impact how long moving will take or cause delays along the way. These include the length and complexity of the chain, any issues raised in searches, the speed in which all the other solicitors and estate agents are able to work, wait times for searches and reports etc.

In this blog, our specialist conveyancing team take a look at the aspects that you can control to help ensure a smooth and efficient transaction.


5 Tips to Help Speed Up Your Move

1. Instruct a Solicitor Early

Choosing a trusted solicitor early on in the process can help you to be organised and stay ahead of the process. Paperwork can be completed, a file can be opened and ID checks can be made so that you are ready to go.

2. Have Your Paperwork in Order

If you have a property to sell, there is quite a bit of paperwork that must be provided for your potential buyer to make an informed decision. Even before you have found a buyer, you can start to gather all the documents you need, in case anything has been misplaced or needs duplicating. If you have had any extensions, building works or major replacements then you will need to locate your planning permission, building regulation certificates and guarantees. You will also need your boiler installation certificate and guarantee, gas safety check certificates, guarantees for any new doors, windows, roofs, integrated appliances etc. that have been changed since you brought the property.

3. Anticipate any Hurdles

Purchasing a property can be high-risk and it is likely to be the biggest purchase in your lifetime. It is vital to do your due diligence and understand what you are buying. Your surveyor reports and searches will help you to make an informed decision, so be sure to take them seriously and if any red flags are raised, explore the potential risk. You don’t want to hit any nasty surprises or delays later down the line.

4. Use a Reputable Estate Agent

Working with a reliable estate agent can help you to get the right price for your home and minimise the risk of any gazumping or gazundering. When choosing an agent, it is important to consider their experience, their fees, their reviews and track record of selling homes similar to yours.

5. Be Responsive

Prioritise your sale or purchase buy responding to calls and emails, returning paperwork promptly and being aware of the next steps of the process. You don’t want to be the cause of any holds ups because you have overlooked an email or failed to answer questions raised.


Residential Property Solicitors in Alton

Following these tips can help your house sale or purchase move efficiently, however, there are still many factors that are outside of your control. It is important to remain positive, but also realistic.

If you are putting your house on the market or are keen to move house soon, then please get in touch with our experienced property team who can inform you of the next steps and provide you with a competitive quote.

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